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Massachusetts Society of Professors

The Union of Faculty and Librarians at UMass Amherst


The MSP Chronicle is our newsletter that we put out a few times a year.  Each Chronicle contains important information and updates for MSP members including: a message from the MSP President, upcoming events, updates on what MSP has been working on, new developments at UMass that affect faculty and librarians, the status of legislation impacting our members and information on relevant labor issues.  Upon publication, our members are notified about the new electronic edition via email.  Hard copies are available and per request can be sent via the mail.  Contact the office with ideas, feedback or questions about the Chronicle.

July 2021

Update from the Co-presidents, fighting against cuts, bargaining for equity, report from the MTA, Mutual Aid Network, the TEval Project and member profile- Laura Quilter.

December 2019

Update on bargaining, carrying forward Dan Clawson's legacy, member profile, launching an MSP retiree member program, working toward a less regressive MTA dues structure and Higher Education: Powered Up 2020

September 2019

Remembering Dan Clawson, a farewell to Mickey and welcome to Heather, member activism and the All In campaign, an MSP grant report and the new dues abatement program

May 2019

Advocacy day at the State House, Dan and Dave sit down for a chat, report from the Spring General Assembly, MSP retirees unite, MSP department representatives

March 2019

Professional improvement leaves, promotion to full, the anomlay process, contract updates for librarians, new NTT contract language, member profile- Asha Nadkarni, Fund Our Future kickoff

December 2018

The fight for raises, policies on sexual harassment and assault, merit pay increases, All In canvassing, Fund Our Future initiative, anti-Semitism teach-in, teach in on racism and racial profiling and MSP grant program

September 2018

New MSP contract, Supreme Court Janus decision, MTA Annual Meeting, Mass public sector union legislative response

May 2018

Contract fight and public higher education, MSP board, "Why I am a member of the MSP", new Health and Welfare Trustee, EEPs and SLOs and MSP in Action

February 2018

Janus VS AFSCME Supreme Court case, GIC push-back victory, bargaining updates, MSP's Health and Welfare Trustee, MTA's Annual Meeting, CPE and online instruction and our new website.


December 2017

MSP's coalition work, MTA's GIC labor coalition to address health insurance costs, Open Access and Title IX update

September 2017

Bargaining update, legislative agenda, March for Public Education, and a message from our MSP President

May 2017

A message from our MSP President, an update on contract bargaining, the March for Science, a review of the year and the MSP Grant program.

October 2016

Welcome From Our New MSP President as We Get Ready for Bargaining, Important Information for PC Chairs, Vote No On Question 2 Campaign, Inside the MSP: MTA/NEA, Supporting PHENOM Though UMACC