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Massachusetts Society of Professors

The Union of Faculty and Librarians at UMass Amherst

All Unit Emails

The MSP communicates regularly with its members through emails to the bargaining unit. Contract bargaining updates sent as all unit emails are posted on the Contract Bargaining web page

5/8/2024 AllUnit: Multi-union Press Release (Campus Protest)

4/29/2024 AllUnit: MSP Election Results

4/9/2024 AllUnit: Another MSP Social Event -- Amherst Cinema (West Side Story)

4/2/2024 AllUnit: MSP Bargaining Update

3/7/2024 All Unit: MSP Grant Program accepting applications through May 1, 2024

3/4/2024 AllUnit: Action items: COACHE, GEO, and ESAM

3/1/2024 AllUnit: MSP Call for Nominations

2/27/2024 AllUnit: MSP Retirement Workshops

2/21/2024 AllUnit: First Update from your MSP Bargaining Team

2/14/2024 AllUnit: MSP Connection: Two events

2/9/2024 AllUnit: Save the Date and Register for MSP's Spring General Assembly

2/1/2023 AllUnit: MSP assistance for new hires and exit interviews

12/23/2023 AllUnit: Raises Are Coming!

11/9/2023 AllUnit: Academic Freedom & Faculty Rights

11/6/2023 AllUnit: UMass Unions United Cost of Living Campaign

11/1/2023 AllUnit: Fall 2023 General Assembly

9/13/2023 AllUnit: Support the Cherish Act

5/23/2023 Allunit: Exit Interviews

3/30/2023 Allunit: First round of pay equity increases complete

3/22/2023 AllUnit: Take Action for Your Raises

3/10/2023 AllUnit: MSP Bargaining Updates

2/24/2023 AllUnit: Three MSP Items

1/31/2023 AllUnit: Four actions for fair contracts starting TODAY

2/3/2023 AllUnit: MSP Bargaining Update 2023-2026 Successor Negotiations

12/10/22 Allunit: Sign the Petition Now!

12/6/22 Allunit: Raises are coming!

11/14/22 Allunit: Good News!

10/24/22 Allunit: Contract updates and help with Yes on 1

8/17/22 Allunit: COVID plans and Preview Week

8/8/22 Allunit: Fund Our Contracts

7/28/22 Allunit: COVID Testing Update

7/22/22 Allunit: Raise Update

5/5/22 Allunit: Organizing Against Racism

4/13/22 Allunit: Contract Ratified!

3/15/22 Allunit: Medical Accommodations

3/8/22 Allunit: Poor Communications and Process to End the Mask Mandate

2/11/22 Allunit: Call for MSP Nominations

1/31/22 Allunit: MSP Updates and Groundhog Day

1/14/22 Allunit: COVID, Bargaining and Upcoming Events

11/21/21 Allunit: Happy Thanksgiving

11/19/21 Allunit: Bargaining Updates

10/14/21 Allunit: Coalition Proposals for Climate Justice

9/5/21 Allunit: Updates and Labor Day

8/27/21 Allunit: Health and Safety

8/05/21 Allunit: Salary Parameters and COVID 19 vaccines/health and safety

6/11/21 Allunit: Four Action Items

4/23/21 Allunit: MSP Updates

4/22/21 Allunit: Teaching Evaluations Update

4/16/2021 Allunit: Bargaining update

4/6/2021 Allunit: MSP Grant Program accepting applications until 5/1/2021

4/5/2021 Allunit: MSP bargaining update and membership meeting reminder

3/29/2021 Allunit: MSP Bargaining Update

3/9/2021 Allunit: MSP Call for Nominations

2/22/2021 [Allunit] Three things for you to do

2/1/2021 [Allunit] Two petitions and two invitations

1/19/2021 [Allunit] January Updates

12/22/2020 [Allunit] FAQ and stimulus funds

12/11/2020 [Allunit] Thank you and APWS update

11/16/2020 [Allunit] Bring Staff Back Campaign

11/11/2020 [Allunit] face-to-face teaching in the spring

9/28/2020 [Allunit] Fri 10/2: Stand Out to Protect Higher Education

9/24/2020 [Allunit] MSP membership meeting October 1 at noon

9/13/2020 [Allunit] Supporting Staff and Solidarity Fund

9/4/2020 [Allunit] Labor Day and “Scholar Strike” teach-in

9/3/2020 [Allunit] Workload Adjustments for Online Courses

8/31/2020 [Allunit] MSP Statement on Staff Layoffs

8/19/2020 [Allunit] COVID testing, quality standards, intellectual property, and parking

8/1/2020 [Allunit] Town Hall meeting with President Meehan – Monday at 5:00 pm

7/17/2020 [Allunit] New FAQ including computer assistance and parking (FAQ2 Attachment)

6/29/2020 [Allunit] Update and info session tomorrow

6/18/2020 [Allunit] MSP membership meeting 6/23 at noon

6/14/2020 [Allunit] Join the caravan on Wednesday 6/17

6/8/2020 [Allunit] MSP update on bargaining and furloughs

6/5/2020 [Allunit] Working for Racial Justice

5/19/2020 [Allunit] UMass Unions United Town Hall 5/21 at 7:00 pm

5/11/2020 [Allunit] MSP Bargaining Update

5/1/2020 [Allunit] MSP Response to Furloughs

4/20/2020 [Allunit] Important Updates from MSP

3/30/2020 [Allunit] COVID-19 FAQs and Bargaining Update

3/16/2020 [Allunit] MSP update on COVID-19 guidance

3/11/2020 [Allunit] MSP Response to COVID-19 Developments