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Massachusetts Society of Professors

The Union of Faculty and Librarians at UMass Amherst

Membership Meetings

The MSP holds regular general membership meetings (at least one per semester).  If used, presentation slides from those meetings are posted below.

4/11/2024 Spring General membership meeting: academic freedom rights, contract bargaining updates, MSP officer & board member elections, election of delegates to the MTA's Annual Meeting of Delegates.

12/3/2023 Fall General membership meeting: soliciting bargaining topics from members set priorities for the next round of negotiations, voting on amendments to the MSP bylaws to codify the existence of Co-presidents in MSP leadership.

4/19/2022 General membership meeting: salary parameters, academic calendar debate, hiring new faculty and librarians and exit interview process.  Materials included: 1) powerpoint summarizing parameters and calendar debate 2) Google Form to sign up to particpate in Faculty Senate meeting discussing the calendar.

12/10/2022 General membership meeting: Raises and retro, Fair Share and the Higher Ed campaign, contract negotations, the statewide campaign for parameters.  Materials shared include: 1) Slides about the campaign for better salary parameters, 2) a spreadsheet that allows you to check your raises and amount of retro pay, 3) a flyer about the petition we are circulating for raises to meet the cost of living.

12/13/2021:  General membership meeting:  Academic calendar, health and safety, sabbatical denials, understaffing, bargaining and action plan

11/18/2021:  NTT Bargaining Update meeting

10/27/2021: General membership meeting on health and safety, MSP bargaining and ARPA.  4 links were shared during the meeting. 1) A call for people to share their photos and videos of bad buildings conditions, making the case for more funds to be invested in education infastructure. 2) MTA's new advertisement on the need for funds for deferred maintenance. 3) Sign on to the Fair Share pledge. 4) MSP Member Madeleine Charney on the radio discussing union sustainability proposals with Max Page (MTA VP and MSP member), starting at 32:45.

4/29/2021: Spring 21 General Assembly covering bargaining, climate justice work (presented by Madeleine Charney), the MSP budget and MSP elections.

4/9/2021: General membership meeting on bargaining proposals and presentation on UMass budget and finances.

12/11/2020: General membership meeting on the administration's pay cut proposal, background on the budget and options to consider.  FAQs resulting from this meeting.

11/20/2020: MSP/USA/PSU/UAW Joint union meeting covering furloughs and layoffs, union solidarity plan, mutual aid and solidarity fund. member stories and a handout on how to get involved.

10/29/2020: General membership meeting covering the budget, spring planning, solidarity work, mutual aid, resolutions to defend democracy (Kevin Young), and MTA statewide plans.

10/01/2020: General membership meeting covering the spring calendar, MSP concerns, the UMass budget, staff furloughs, joint union principals, and ways to respond/what we can do to support staff.

6/30/2020: MSP contract information member meeting covering the campus reopening plan, items to continue to be negotiated, the one year contract extension, tentative agreements, workload adjustments for converting to high-quality courses online and technology and childcare support agreements.

6/23/2020: General membership meeting covering the UMass Budget, the one year contract extension, tentative agreements and what we know about the fall.

5/21/2020: UMass Unions United virtual town hall meeting with all campus unions discussing austerity myths and fighting cuts and layoffs.

4/27/2020:  Spring 2020 General Assembly membership meeting covering the UMass Budget, plans for the Fall semester, bargaining updates and information on furloughs, layoffs and unemployment insurance, the Treasurer's report, MSP/JCC budgets and MSP elections.