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Massachusetts Society of Professors

The Union of Faculty and Librarians at UMass Amherst

COVID-19 Response


Much of MSP's work during COVID has focused on ensuring that our members have safe working conditions, fair compensation for increased work and peace of mind about COVID's impact on one's professional life. The "union difference" and MSP representation means real bargaining power for our members.


MSP's COVID Agreements

The MSP negotiated a one-year crisis response agreement (executed 6/29/20) which covered workload adjustments and remote teaching. In addition, the MSP negotiated multiple COVID related agreements over a two year period, including:

MSP FAQs About Reopening Campus


The MSP answered many questions from members that required significant research and advocacy. We generated two FAQs in response to our members' concerns.


The Spring 2020 FAQs covered the following: Tenure, reappointment, promotion, continuing appointment; dealing with illness; support for remote teaching; research and technology support; long-term implications of COVID-19 response; setting reasonable expectations given care-giving needs; financial burdens; support for students; retrenchment, furloughs, layoffs and unemployment insurance and more information.


The July 2020 FAQs were updated to address the campus re-opening and the following topics: Teaching Face-to Face, Teaching Online, Workload Adjustment Eligibility, Workload Adjustment Options, Technology Assistance Funds, Intellectual Property Rights and Academic Freedom, Childcare and Eldercare Assistance, Dealing with Illness, Health and Safety, and Parking.


For More Information

To find current answers to many other questions, including issues that affect faculty, staff, and students, please see the university’s comprehensive website with information about the COVID-19 epidemic: